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- 5000mAh
- Lithium Battery
- UL Certificated
- RoHS, CE, FCC Compliant
- Charing Function Only
- Highly intelligent charge management IC
- Highly intelligent micro-pc control technology
- Multiple protection circuits
- High efficiency output
- High capacity energy storage

Battery Features


IOS, Micro-USB, Type-C

Cables are available for almost all types of mobile phones

Charge On the Go

Take the power bank with you while charging your phone, do not have to wait for your phone to get charged

Real-time Rental Status

Track your order detail at real-time, knows the costs and the time of your order

Safety Certified

All our power banks are UL Certificated, and meet RoHS, CE, FCC Compliant

Intelligent Circuits

Highly intelligent microcomputer control technology keep your devices safe

Multilayer Protections

Highly intelligent circuits protection to avoid over charge, short circuit, over heated, over power, overvoltage and/or overcurrent

Offsite Return

Return your power bank to any our kiosk station, region free

Privacy Protection

Keep your phone’s data safe, we have only charging function for our batteries

Small Kiosk

Model Number: CS-S08
Dimension: 18.9cm(W)*24.8cm(H)*21.5cm(D)
Power Bank Slots: 8 ports
Screen Size: 7 inch
Voltage: 110V-240V
Weight: 2.94 kg
Material: ABS Fire Proof

Middle Kiosk

Model Number: CS-S24
Dimension: 165cm(H)*33cm(W)*22cm(D)
Power Bank Slots: 24 ports
Screen Size: 15.6 inch
Voltage: 110V-240V
Weight: 60 kg
Material: ABS Fire Proof

Large Kiosk

Model Number: CS-S48
Dimension: 200cm(H)*65cm(W)*22cm(D)
Power Bank Slots: 48 ports
Screen Size: 43 inch
Voltage: 110V-240V
Weight: 90 kg
Material: ABS Fire Proof